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Making Money On Fiverr Is Easy Once You Know The Secrets

Inside I show you exactly how to make a lot of money on This book is two books combined that reveal the best Fiverr gigs for making money and the secrets that Internet marketers use to make millions of dollars on Fiver.

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101 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses

How to apply 101 powerful video marketing strategies and tips to your business today!

Discover how to plan, record and promote videos to attract more clients and customers to your company. Learn to implement the latest YouTube and iPhone video marketing strategies in this insightful book.

Most small and medium size companies are unaware of the huge power of utilizing video as a tool to improve their credibility and confidence with their customers, and to teach and educate them about the benefits of your products.

Find out 101 very easy to understand quick tips and clear strategies

There is a lot of information online regarding video marketing, however most small business owners, marketers and business professionals find video marketing somewhat confusing as there are too many option on how to start.

This book provides you with a clear list of the most important topics related to video marketing and explains it in 101 very easy to understand quick tips and clear strategies you can action immediately.

The book is divided into five sections:

Section 1: Planning
Section 2: Recording
Section 3: YouTube Promotion
Section 4: Additional Video Strategies
Section 5: IPhone Video Marketing Strategies

This book will save you countless hours so that you start producing videos that will impact and improve your online presence right away!

Here are just few of the strategies you will discover:

Section 1: Planning

  • How to get your clients to record videos by organizing a video contest
  • How to create your video marketing plan
  • (and much more)

Section 2: Recording

  • How to create convincing “calls to action” on your videos
  • Common mistakes to avoid and making your videos
  • Learn to use NLP in your videos
  • (and much more)

Section 3 – YouTube promotion

  • How to create professional looking channels
  • How to correctly upload and optimize your videos
  • How to indicate your business’s geographic location within the videos
  • How to encourage viewers to subscribe to your YouTube videos
  • (and much more)

Section 4 – Additional Video Marketing strategies

  • How to share your videos the right way on Facebook
  • How to take advantage of the “promoted post” advertising feature on Facebook
  • How to get your videos shared on Twitter
  • How to share your videos on LinkedIn
  • (and much more)

Section 5: iPhone Video Marketing Strategies

  • How to get the right iPhone accessories for video marketing
  • How to use an image stabilizer for smooth filming
  • How to create nice looking video presentations with Videolicious
  • (and much more)

About the author: Lasse Rouhiainen is an international video marketing and social media marketing expert and trainer, and frequent speaker at business schools and universities on the topics of YouTube, Facebook, and social media marketing.

Download this book today and start taking your video marketing to the next level!

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Digital Banking Tips: Practical Tips for Disruptors!

Developing a digital banking presence is a daunting task, especially when you consider the financial resources and education needed to achieve telephone, online, mobile, and other digital banking capabilities. Where to start? That’s where this book comes in. It’s a quick and easy read, the tips are simple to implement, and you may even find a little banking humor to help you through the process. There are other books written on this subject, but what is missing is an execution guide. We need a quick and dirty manual that tells us how to implement digital banking services. This is a short, to the point, and action-oriented (rather than theoretical) book. Innovation is certainly required, but it’s not always about technology. Rather it is about using what you already have in different ways to create change. Not every bank or financial institution has huge resources, leadership that supports digital transformation, or fully engaged employees with a digital mindset. So the idea is to provide useful tips that you can execute easily in the current environment of your company – with or without significant investments. Even if your company has been offering digital banking services, this book can help you build out that part of your business further by assisting with areas such as: NEW USERS: How can you best encourage your existing customers to adopt online banking? INCREASED USAGE: How can you get your customers to take advantage of the full range of digital services you provide? IMPROVED SYSTEMS: Technology changes with remarkable speed, and users are always looking for ways to make their lives easier and their banking more secure. As the saying goes, “Life moves pretty fast …” MULTI-CHANNEL BUSINESS NEEDS: How can you seamlessly incorporate your digital banking services with your business model? EMPLOYEE BUY-IN: How can you get your frontline staff to embrace systems they may view as replacing … frontline staff? Understanding Your System: Most importantly, you need

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