A Beginner’s Guide to Periscope: What you need to know to get started

Periscope A How to guide to Getting started

In this book, I wanted to share with you my personal journey of how I got started with Periscope and help you to build up the courage to give it a go and follow in my pursuit.

This book beginners guide to Persicope includes:

How to get started with Periscope

• Introduction to Periscope
• Steps to setting up and get started with Periscope
• Instantly Live with your audience
• How to take Periscope action
• Importance of Following those already on Periscope

Tips on becoming a better Periscoper

• How to engage and answer your audience’s questions
• Important of hearts on Periscope
• How to start your Scopes
• The perfect length of time per a scope
• Importance of Consistency
• Why Geotagging your scopes is vital to success

Hacks to improve your Periscope experience

• Solutions to Battery power limitations with Periscope
• Importance of Signing up to Periscope Facebook groups
• Periscope and mobile data
• Sound quality for Periscope
• Use Katch.me to back up and store your Periscopes
• Easily moderate and block users during your live broadcast

How to monetise Periscope for your business

• Upload your Periscopes straight to YouTube
• Add brands with the “@” tag and start sponsored Periscope chats
• Engage with Twitter through Periscope
• Create a tile for your blog and cross-promote

Boost Periscope engagement

• Check out Scope analytics to track your Periscope success
• Remind them to hit the follow button!
• ChatterBox for Periscope
• Creative title’s for Periscope
• Try to film vertical as much as possible

Final note from the Author

Periscope – yet another social media bandwagon to jump on!

Sometimes, I don’t know how I cope keeping up all the social media platforms out there? So, will this platform be the new best thing or a flop?

My verdict on Periscope?

In a nutshell, it’s fun, easy to use, gains crazy engagement and makes it so simple to share in the moment. Simply put, you would be silly not to start Periscoping.

I’m having loads of fun with this new social media platform. Periscope is slowly becoming my new addiction and I’m constantly bumping into others who feel the same way as I do about the new live-streaming app.

This was the reason for me wanting to put together a simple, easy to follow beginner’s guide about Periscope to help those looking at starting out to get started and take action. Head to the top, click Buy now and start your journey into Periscope.

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How to use Twitter for business
How to plan your marketing campaign on Twitter
How to build the right audience on Twitter
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How to advertise on Twitter
How to create a Twitter posting calendar
How to advertise on Twitter
How to use Hashtags on Twitter
How to measure your results on Twitter
The benefits of Periscope for Business
How to use Periscope
How to use Periscope for Business
How to get the most out of live streaming on Periscope
How to get the best out of being a viewer on Periscope
How and why you should create a blog
What to do on your website to increase and capture leads
What to do on a day to day basis on Twitter

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