Sell Your Way to Quitting Your Day Job: 2 Online Marketing Ideas to Start for Beginner Internet Marketers

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What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

– Amazon – How to use Amazon Bestseller to research profitable topics
– Library – A simple step by step method to find golden nuggets of profitable topics via the “Library Method”
– Course Topic Research – How to find profitable topics inside UDEMY
– Keyword Research – How to do keyword research like a pro
– Sign Up As Instructor – How to sign up for your Udemy account
– Creating Our Course – Part 1 – The technical details of creating a course
– Creating Our Course – Part 2 – How to create the content of your course
– Uploading – How to upload your course for maximum sales
– 3 Basic ways to marketing your new course – How to market your course with these 3 free methods

– How dropshipping works
– How to take advantage of famous personalities and make money from it
– How to find perfect products to sell
– The 3 point criteria that you should follow every time you’re looking for a product to sell
– How to create your shopify store from scratch
– How to setup your products so it’ll be available for sale in 5 minutes or less
– How to run a Facebook ads and how to set it up in 30 minutes or less
– How to fulfill your products without hassle

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Rock Your Network Marketing Business: How to Become a Network Marketing Rock Star

Rock Your Network Marketing Business This book will teach you the system that helped me, Sarah Robbins, achieve seven-figure success, as well as many members of my team who have their own six-or-seven-figure success stories. Six-and-seven-figure success certainly didn’t happen overnight. It wasn’t easy; it was certainly worth it.

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Email Marketing

Paperback. Pub Date: 2000 Pages: 320 Publisher: John Wiley The most powerful tool for Marketing. Anding. Direct response and building the customer relationships is email. It’s cheap and easy-to-use and almost everybody on the Internet has an email address. The only problem is that not everyone knows how to use it correctly. Sending out a bad email not only discourages potential customers but can also damage your and and your reputation. Written by the leading experts on Internet direct marketing and permission email marketing. this book arms you with the latest email strategies and techniques to help you dramatically improve response rates and forge lasting customer relationships. The authors provide a comprehensive introduction to what email marketing is and how it can be used to reach a larger group of people at a lower cost. You’ll discover the ins and outs of creating an…In these days of fancy, sometimes over-designed Web sites, banner advertising and TV advertising, we often forget that everyone on the Internet has an e-mail address too, and so e-mail has huge potential as a marketing tool. This book aims to remind us of this fact, and that as a cheap, easy to use tool, e-mail can be one of your online business’s best assets. The authors are keen to point out that they are not advocating spam (huge numbers of cloned e-mails indiscriminately sent to tens of thousands of people), but targeted, well-constructed marketing messages. To make effective use of e-mail as a marketing tool you need a strategy rather than a splatter gun, and one chapter of the book talks you through the process of designing one.

You also need to know how to write a good e-mail, and one of the book’s key sections takes you through the do’s and don’ts from the wording of the header right through to how to sign off. Examples from the real world are included so you can see how the big guns do it. Standard e-mails are not your only option, and the book devotes space to alternatives such as e-newsletters and e-promotions. Both can help people feel an affinity with your Web site, while e-promotions offer something free in return for a site visit perhaps money off a purchase for example.

The book explores other avenues too, such as getting mailing lists together, and doing market research to help you improve. Sterne and Priore cover their ground well, write in an easy style, and encourage you to do a lot of thinking for yourself. —Sandra Vogel

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