Mobile Marketing for Business: How To Increase Sales On Your Slowest Days

This book is not theory; it is focused on actual, practical ways to find customers on your slowest days – those predictable times when business lulls. It will show you how to implement a comprehensive mobile marketing and advertising strategy that will: use two cutting-edge software solutions to: 1) market your business 2) get more leads 3) convert them into loyal customers. The two cutting-edge software solutions featured in this book have all the features businesses like yours need to implement a comprehensive marketing and advertising strategy for smartphone and tablet pcs. I’ve always been driven to help businesses and communities to grow and prosper. This is why I decided to focus on mobile marketing and using mobile technology because it is disruptive (having the potential to level the playing field and offer even small businesses a competitive edge). And, it can be used by Fortune 500 corporations or a solo-entrepreneur to have a transformative impact on their bottom-line. I completely agree with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google when he said: “If you don’t have a mobile strategy, you don’t have a future strategy.” So for me, using mobile technology is an excellent way to combine my passion for technology with cutting-edge solutions to grow local businesses and our community at large. So, please join me and discover how to find new customers and increase sales – even on your slowest days using mobile marketing strategies including: bulk text messaging (SMS), MMS, mobile/responsive websites, mobile APP, autoresponsers, mobile coupons, mobile loyalty programs and more.

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A Newbies Guide To Marketing: Build Email List From Scratch With These 100+ Email Marketing Tips And Enhance Your Email Campaign (Use Email Marketing Best Practices To Increase Web Traffic.)

Email marketing is among the most effective ways to grow your business. Many people have used this method to expand their business and spread the word around about it. However, to build an email list from scratch and earn online money, you need to incorporate appropriate email-marketing tips, create a good business plan and come up with an effective brand awareness campaign that can increase web traffic. Whether you work from home or in the corporate world, and with or without expensive email blast services or email marketing software, this guide will show you how you can be successful in your campaign. In addition, you will learn how to use email marketing best practices to your advantage, put your money network in place, and earn passive income easily. Among the topics discussed in this guide are: How to build email list from scratch Email marketing tips How to increase web traffic Bulk email marketing and bulk email software How to choose an email service provider (ESP) Email marketing services How to calculate Return on Investment (ROI) Brand awareness strategies Email marketing best practices How to enhance brand awareness campaigns”

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Amazon Affiliate: What Works Now, Conversion Tips to Increase Clicks and Sales: (amazon affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, make money as an amazon affiliate)

My Best Amazon Affiliate Conversion Tweaks, Tips, and Tricks
That Drastically Increased My Earnings

Would YOU like to increase your Amazon affiliate earnings?
If you answered, “YES!”, read on…

This guide is a basically a “brain dump” of the most successful techniques that helped me to increase my Amazon affiliate earnings by 66.3%.
This guide will help you get the edge over all the “other” Amazon affiliates out there who are still doing things the same ol’ way – yet expecting (and hoping for) different results.
We will talk about effective ways to be creative with your Amazon promotional content, about ways to up your sales AND stay relevant, how to wow your readers and be HELPFUL
(all while increasing your clicks and sales)…
Reality is:
When it comes to Amazon, ya GOTTA get those clicks.
ANYTHING online requires CLICKS.
If your readers aren’t clicking, you’re not making sales.
It’s that simple.
The same traffic, but with MORE clicks = MORE SALES
That’s what my little tweaks do – get more clicks and more sales.
My ultimate hope with this guide is that you will say, “Wow, that’s a cool idea!” at least a few times while reading and go out and IMPLEMENT that tweak or technique.
If you’ve ever wondered what subtle tweaks and techniques successful Amazon affiliates are using to increase their earnings… this is the guide for you.
We can all get affiliate content online, but many times, it’s the subtle little tweaks that make the difference between earning a little… and earning a LOT.

When Should You Start?
Right. Now.
Seriously, right this moment.
There is NO better time to get your Amazon affiliate links
out there online – people are buying like CRAZY!
Dig your heels in and be determined that this year WILL be
your best year ever – and the start of continuing success.

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