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Twitter Marketing That Sells: How to Convert Your Twitter Followers into Business Dollars

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool for businesses. If you’re not absolutely sure you’re taking full advantage of the opportunities Twitter has to offer, Twitter Marketing That Sells is the book for you.

Seriously, Twitter is the perfect marketing tool for startups, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, small businesses and those looking to build a following today for when you start a business in the future.

But the simple fact is: you need a solid Twitter strategy in place to make the platform work for you.

That’s what this book is intended to give you – a solid understanding of how Twitter marketing works and actionable instructions on exactly what to do so you get results for your business.

With practical advice from over 75 Twitter marketing experts that you can start using today, this book will be an invaluable resource for you to make money on Twitter.

Whether you choose to read this book cover to cover, or pick and choose the specific topics that interest you, there is absolutely something for everyone looking to boost their bottom line by using Twitter.

Within this book you’ll learn how to:
•Grow your Twitter following fast with relevant Twitter followers
•Get more engagement with your Tweets
•Drive more traffic to your website
•Create a perfect Twitter profile page
•Effectively use hashtags on Twitter
•Use Twitter’s Advanced Search feature
•Connect with industry influencers and become an influencer
•Use Twitter lists the right way
•Participate in Twitter chats
•Leverage the power of images on Twitter
•Use Twitter polls for marketing
•Build an audience for a podcast
•Grow your YouTube channel
•And so much more!

If you’re serious about making money by turning your Twitter followers into business dollars, read this book now!

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