How To Create The Mindset Of A Network Marketing Champion

Dave O’Connor is an international speaker and success coach. His mission it to help as many people as possible to reach their full potential. He is a Mindset Mentor to many top players in Network Marketing as well as to business leaders and company CEO’s. Natalie Heeley has risen to become number one in the UK in her chosen Network. For seven years Dave has been her Mindset Mentor. With his help she has overcome her self-limiting beliefs and defeated the fears that were holding her back. Using Natalie as example and an inspiration, this book will take you through Dave’s twenty-one-step plan that will allow you to create the Mindset of a Champion. Read it, commit to it and take control of your mind and your future. “Working with Dave over the past 4 years has totally transformed my business and more importantly the way I view myself and life. This book will help you find whatever success you are looking for.” Juliana Beavan “This book is a great opportunity for anyone looking to succeed in Network Marketing to learn from both the teacher, and his extremely successful student.” Wes Linden

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