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Mobile Marketing Misconceptions: Mobile Marketing For A Competitive Edge (Mobile Marketing For Small Business Book 3)

Mobile Marketing Misconceptions

It comes as no surprise that mobile marketing misconceptions are still existent in current times. Despite the warmer reception that it has been receiving, there are still many pundits who are either ignorant of mobile marketing, or do not have a clear idea of its definition and usage.

Why Is It Important? Traditional Marketing Has Always Done The Job
The biggest one, rather unfortunately, is that it really isn’t needed. Companies still look to traditional marketing strategies like print, radio and large-scale promotions and campaigns to increase interest and revenue, and hopefully these methods will still be able to pique the interest of the more powerful word-of-mouth. But if looked at closely, mobile marketing is an extension of word-of-mouth.

Companies who invest in mobile marketing use Facebook campaigns, mobile email promotions and even QR coding to share their information with a 1.2-billion strong demographic who use their mobile devices frequently on a daily basis. Any company not willing to invest in that kind of audience is wasting a great opportunity for growth. This is why small businesses take advantage of this format, especially when 84% of small companies investing affordable rates for this platform are enjoying greater deals of success these days.

Mobile Marketing, Mobile Advertising – It’s All The Same To Me
Terminology is the cause of another myth when it comes to mobile marketing; misconceptions of being referred to mobile advertising can be confusing at times. The difference boils down to one thing: consumer response. Mobile advertising only aims to entice the imaginations and desires of a consumer – they use the appealing content to please customers at face value only. Mobile marketing, however, is a different animal. The target is not just to appeal to a customer, but to encourage them to react (and eventually, respond) to promotions so that they may not only enjoy these perks, but also share their experiences with their network of peers. It’s similar, but the human engagement makes it more interesting.

New Payment Service, Greater Business Opportunities
For businesses, the landscape for purchase channels have changed; and it has come in the form of mobile payment. Apps such as the Starbucks Card (which is a partnership between the multi-national coffee company and Square Wallet, a mobile payment company) have been instrumental in the continuous progression of this medium.

Choosing The Right Platform
There are several known mCommerce platforms currently available right now, with more platforms being discovered on the way. The most common is billing payments through your mobile carrier. Telecom providers in the US like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint have made this available through Zong, MoPay, PaymentOne and the like. This system allows the user to charge the purchase of items to their postpaid accounts. This is the most common platform used worldwide. Mobile providers also have features where users can send money to merchants or other people, much like what the M-PESA service in Kenya.

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Internet Marketing: 4 Manuscripts: Passive Income, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Time Management (Online Marketing Book 1)

This book is QUADRUPLE the value, containing FOUR Manuscripts inside ONE book!

Included in the “Internet Marketing” 4-in-1 “Superbook” Are The Following Four Best Sellers:

Passive Income

Learn about the BEST WAYS for making money on the Internet and how to generate passive income for yourself with this step by step guide.

  • Best sources of passive income;
  • What you need to get started;
  • What is the right method for you to choose;
  • How much can you expect to make with your chosen method;
  • How to make the best choice based on your lifestyle.

Affiliate Marketing

An affiliate marketing guide that will teach you the basics on how to build a successful affiliate marketing empire

  • Which merchants would fit best for you and your niche
  • What affiliate networks to avoid that your competitors are running in to prevent overcrowding
  • How to know what your audiences’ problems are and solve them
  • How to turn problems in to profits
  • How to research efficiently so you can put out more content
  • How to get more traffic to your blog
  • How to write a review of the product being advertised
  • Why your audience don’t convert to customers even if they love your content

Email Marketing

Inside you will learn how to create your own email list from scratch and build your authority with HIGH CONVERSION RATES by following these step by step lessons.

  • The basics of email marketing
  • The pros and cons of email marketing
  • How to make LANDING PAGES
  • How to segment your email list
  • Important tips for Email Marketing success
  • How to write High Conversion Emails
  • How to use Open Source technique
  • How to choose the right Email Marketing Program
  • How to apply your email list in marketing
  • How to choose the right email marketing software
  • How to INCREASE YOUR SALES by Email Marketing

Time Management

This book is designed to take you from disorganized and overwhelmed to focused and effective in record time. Don’t let another day slip out of your grasp. Let an expert teach you the ten simple steps to gaining total control of your hourly output each day.

In as little as 24 hours you will learn:

  • The 5 most common deadline setting mistakes that are killing your productivity before you’ve even started.
  • The 5 most dangerous triggers for procrastination and the easy fix to defeat them all within the next few hours.
  • The key negative emotions that are spiraling each day out of your control… and how to turn them into calm, effective productivity every time.

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