Sell Your Way to Quitting Your Day Job: 2 Online Marketing Ideas to Start for Beginner Internet Marketers

ATTENTION: People Looking for a New Part-Time Income Source While Working a Few Hours a Day


What you’ll discover in this 2 in 1 bundle:

– Amazon – How to use Amazon Bestseller to research profitable topics
– Library – A simple step by step method to find golden nuggets of profitable topics via the “Library Method”
– Course Topic Research – How to find profitable topics inside UDEMY
– Keyword Research – How to do keyword research like a pro
– Sign Up As Instructor – How to sign up for your Udemy account
– Creating Our Course – Part 1 – The technical details of creating a course
– Creating Our Course – Part 2 – How to create the content of your course
– Uploading – How to upload your course for maximum sales
– 3 Basic ways to marketing your new course – How to market your course with these 3 free methods

– How dropshipping works
– How to take advantage of famous personalities and make money from it
– How to find perfect products to sell
– The 3 point criteria that you should follow every time you’re looking for a product to sell
– How to create your shopify store from scratch
– How to setup your products so it’ll be available for sale in 5 minutes or less
– How to run a Facebook ads and how to set it up in 30 minutes or less
– How to fulfill your products without hassle

Starting a Business Doesn’t Have to Be Hard and Complicated!

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597 Business Ideas You can Start from Home – doing what you LOVE! (Beginner Internet Marketing Series Book 6)

PLEASE NOTE: This little FREE booklet does NOT provide detailed business blueprints or a course on how to start a business. It is a list of 597 Business Ideas and a few proven strategies to make them a reality. Pointers of what to do next once you’ve decided on a business option – and – where to get further training if needed.

Whether you are looking to turn your passions and talents into a business, replace a job you hate or travel indefinitely, supported by a location independent business, this book will provide you with an abundance of ideas on how to do just that!

Both online and local/offline options are covered as well as the use of platforms like:

* Youtube

* Podcasting

* Kindle Publishing

* Course Creation

* eCommerce

* Blog

to broaden your reach and create additional income streams in your niche of choice.

Looking to turn your house or car into an income stream?

You will find many ideas here, some you probably never considered….

PLEASE NOTE: this short little book does NOT provide detailed business plans or blueprints although a few general tactics are shared to get you started and relevant training resources are linked.

The book does provide:

* a list of 597 Ideas

– a number of good training resources to help you with the next steps

– an extensive list of platforms for both eCommerce and Freelancing business options

– basic tips for niche selection, branding and further resources for marketing.

If you want to find out how to start a small business from home, this book will give you many ideas on how you can turn your passions and talents into a profitable business.

The 597 Business Ideas are grouped into the following skill groups to make the search easier:

* Administrative
* Arts & Crafts
* Beauty
* Car Skills & Use your Car
* Computers
* Consulting & Coaching
* Cooking & Baking
* Design
* Electronics
* Fashion
* Finance
* Fitness & Weight Loss
* Foreign Language
* Gardening
* Handyman
* Your Home
* Humor / Comedy
* Kids
* Marketing
* Movies
* Music & Audio
* Organizing
* People Skills
* Pets
* Photo & Video
* Reading
* Dating & Relationships
* Sports
* Teaching
* Travel
* Web Skills
* Writing
* Misc.

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101 Tips For A Beginner Internet Marketer: How To Make Your First $1,000 Online

Do you want to be a successful Internet Marketer?

Have you got an idea for your business that you are passionate about, but don’t know how to turn it into a reality? Are you unsure of which marketing strategies you would like to use, or how to create products that will sell in your niche? Or are you just unsure of where to start?

If you are facing any of these common issues when starting up your internet business, then 101 Tips for a Beginner Internet Marketer is the perfect book for you!

101 Tips for a Beginner Internet Marketer is your guide to setting up and running a successful online business. This book covers the basics of strategy and how to create fantastic websites, all the way through to how to design products that sell well in your niche, and exactly how to market your products online to generate plenty of sales – and profit!

The complete beginners Handbook to Internet Marketing – In bite-sized chunks to digest anytime!

Unlike most other business books – which are overly-dense and can be confusing to read – 101 Tips for a Beginner Internet Marketer’s functional layout with structured sections, summary points and an easy to read design allows you to dip in and find the answers to your most pressing Internet Marketing questions easily and efficiently.

Home Based-Businesses – Join The Ever-Growing Trend of Successes!

•There are 38 Million Home-Based Businesses, Which Make 7 Billion each year in the US Alone!
•70% of Home-Based Businesses Succeed, Compared to 30% of Regular Businesses
•20% of Home Businesses Make 0-500K a year!
•A Home-Based Business is Started Every 12 Seconds in the US alone…

Bonus – Your Own FREE Resources Page & Support Tools!
We have chucked in your own FREE resources page for the book, where you can find links to all the key websites and tools mentioned in the book! The book is also supported by Christian and Joanne’s blog (Joanne is Christian’s business partner), where you will find a growing number of educational articles and free tools to help you on your journey.
We have also included a link to our Ebook ‘The 7 Horrendous Mistakes Beginner Internet Marketers Make in Their Business That Stop Them From Ever Making Any Money Online!’ – so you can grab it too for FREE!

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