Tweet Right – The Sensible Person’s Guide to Twitter

Tweet Right is your guide to getting started on Twitter. Nicola Morgan leads you gently but firmly through the whys, the hows and the how nots, covering theory, practice and etiquette – including how to avoid the sins of over-promotion. Whether you’re intrigued or confused, sceptical or raring to start, whether you are a complete beginner or you’ve already taken tentative steps, Tweet Right will guide you from the very beginning until you are ready to fly.

WHY A REVISED EDITION? Simply because the Twitter and Tweetdeck layout and options had changed, so that a few instructions in the first edition no longer applied. This new edition makes things clearer for everyone.

Nicola Morgan is a highly successful author for all ages. She wrote the best-selling Write to be Published (print and ebook) and Write a Great Synopsis (ebook only), and many acclaimed books, including Wasted, Fleshmarket, Blame my Brain – The Amazing Teenage Brain Revealed, and Mondays are Red. She created the renowned blog Help! I Need a Publisher!, and was responsible for a No 1 worldwide trending topic on Twitter, the compulsive game #lessinterestingbooks. Although many of the examples of good Twitter-use in Tweet Right come from her experience as a writer, her advice is designed for any sensible person wanting to enjoy and benefit from Twitter, personally and professionally.

Tweet Right has already helped many people on Twitter and Nicola looks forward to helping and welcoming you, too.

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