Semantic Keyword Research: The 5 Step Process to Building Websites with 10 Times Less Work (Build Profitable Websites)

Creating passive income from building web sites is the dream.

The fact that the vast majority of websites fail is the reality.

In Semantic Keyword Research, I will show you how to begin building your profitable website by focusing on the critical first step that most people overlook: keyword research. When you do Semantic Keyword Research, you will make your dreams of passive income come true.

If you do your semantic keyword research properly, you will have an exact plan to build your website. You will know what niches will be profitable, which keywords to focus on that will make you money, and what content to write (or have written for you).

In this book you will learn the 5 Step Process to Building Websites with 10 Times Less Work:

* The 2-minute hack to finding profitable niches
* Semantic Keyword Research to find the hidden markets that will dominate your competition
* Deeper Keyword Research to uncover hundreds of profitable keywords
* Grouping & Analysis to organize your site and leverage a single article against dozens of keywords
* Semantic Site Architecture to map out your website plan and begin building your passive income empire

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