My $11, 000 Adsense Case Study: How I created, Rank And Sold A Single Adsense Site Within 6 Months

Hello! My name is Pete Chamberlain, and I am an Adsense blogger. I create adsense sites, make money from them and flip. I would like to share with you the steps I took to start a simple blog, rank it #1 in Google, and sell it for k.

The problem came about when so many people started building small, “made for Adsense” sites that Google got smart. They stopped ranking those “micro niche” blogs, and started giving more weight to sites that they felt were actually giving their searchers what they were looking for.

Then there came The “Panda Update”. It is just the most recent attempt by Google to do just that – get garbage off their index, and “good sites” at the front of the search results. Does this mean that Adsense blogging is dead?

The good news is that it is not – not by a long shot. The bad news is that it is going to take a little more work to get your Adsense site ranking where you need to, to actually make money. In this report, I am going to show you how I built a site that actually benefited from the Panda update. I was able to get this site ranked #1 in Google for some very competitive keywords. This site was making a steady 0+ per month, just on Adsense earnings…..

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