Google Adwords Exposed – Social Marketing Series

“Google Adwords Exposed” is for anyone wanting to know more above this behemoth of online advertising that can send tens of thousands or more visitors a day to your website!

However, when you start out looking at Adwords you can feel overwhelmed with the interface, jargon and process. We wrote this book to clear up some of that confusion, providing you with a simple, step-by-step guide to using Adwords to advertise and promote your business.

When you read this book you will get tips and points to help you make the most of Adwords advertising and get the best return on your advertising dollar.

In “Google Adwords Exposed” you will discover:

– Managing Your Keywords – learn about this central concept to Adwords advertising and how to develop a successful, and profitable, keyword strategy

– What Makes A Good Ad Creative? – understand the key concepts of responsive and effective ad copy that works on Adwords

– Improving Your Ads With Extensions And Quality Scores – improve your click through rate and decrease your costs when you understand this very important concepts behind Adwords advertising

– How To Place Bids – learn exactly how to place bids on keywords to get your ads displayed and to minimize your cost per click

– Making Bid Adjustments – powerful techniques for adjusting your bids to improve your return on investment

– Optimizing Your Campaign For Mobile Users – a growing demographic that you can target with adverts to further boost your profitability

– Boosting Your Sales – tricks and techniques to help you make even more sales with your Adwords advertising

– Managing A Holiday Shopping Campaign With AdWords – discover how to run a highly profitable Adwords campaign in the busiest shopping seasons of the year

– Top 10 Google AdWords Mistakes To Avoid – you need to avoid this mistakes which can easily cost you clicks and money!

Google Adwords is still one of the most popular and effective ways of getting traffic to your website and one that can help boost your business. There are many benefits from using this popular advertising platform and even greater benefits for your business and bank balance.

Enjoy your venture in to Adwords as “Google Adwords Exposed” explains all about this powerful form of advertising. Discover how Adwords can benefit you!

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