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Coming as I did from the world of face-to-face sales, in both retail and wholesale, the impersonal world of online marketing was a bit of a shock. However, I had also become disillusioned with working for others, which meant that I had to educate myself on this new environment as quickly as possible, or go under. Today, I’m proud to say I have built two successful online businesses and this is the third eBook I have published.
My goal in writing this eBook is quite simple; I wish to share what I’ve learned of the basics of online marketing and SEO, in an effort to help others succeed in the same way. While I am certainly no online marketing guru – I’m certain you’ve never heard of me, for example – I am successful at what I do and would like to remove some of the mystery from the world of marketing a business online.
When I began my first efforts at online marketing, it was to promote a small, brick-and-mortar business in a suburb of Denver, Colorado. Within two years, we had carved out a nice little niche for ourselves in the world of servicing and rebuilding used bicycles, a true passion for me, and I had learned a ton about what it takes to make an impression in the marketplace with a strategic approach to online marketing.
When I began my writing business, SEO Writer Pro, I was able to use the two previous years’ experience and knowledge gained to make an immediate impression in an entirely new niche. The writing business soon exceeded all expectations, making it nearly impossible to continue with the bike rebuilding and service business. (A nice problem to have, by the way.)
Today I work full time at the writing business, helping other business owners develop and create web content that drives traffic to their websites or blog with timely, well-written sales copy and interesting posts or articles. All of the copy is optimized for the search engines, to the extent the client allows me to do so.
Now, with the writing of this eBook, I am offering you the chance to discover the strategies and techniques that I employ on a daily basis to help my clients succeed with their online marketing plans. The concepts I offer here have been successful for clients in all niches, from North America to Europe and, because they are based on universal marketing principles that have been proven over centuries of use, they will also be successful for you.
I hope you enjoy the journey, and that your business grows as a result of what you learn here.

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