Conquering Google AdSense – 5 Proven Steps to go from 5 to 15% CTR and Triple Your Earnings Overnight

AdSense marketing is easier than other other online business models, because you are being paid for every click you generate. AdSense is also a global program; you can target practically any country or language in the world and be making money as of today.

Yet at the same time, many people get complacent because of this, and they are nowhere nearly as profitable as they could be.

However, if you are like me, and you are serious about building your own AdSense empire, or you have started doing so, you need to make sure you are getting the most out of your efforts. Remember, the biggest cost is the cost of opportunity.

Not knowing how to maximize your click through rates and increase your AdSense earnings without any additional traffic is costing you money right now. One simple change in your web site could double your AdSense earnings overnight, and if you do not know about it you are leaving money on the table, guaranteed.

What if you could follow simple, proven and tested guidelines to make sure you are set up for maximum profitability?

What if you could make some little changes to your web site and multiply your earnings overnight?

What if I told you that you don’t have to test everything by yourself?
Others have tested and tweaked a lot for you, and by following this advice, you can save time and increase your income at the same time.

And you can take advantage of this knowledge right now…

In this special updated Kindle Version you will learn crucial tips and techniques to skyrocket your AdSense earnings, including but not limited to:

– How to make sure you start with the right foot to begin with, and why this is CRUCIAL when it comes to creating a profitable web site (p. 3)
– How to know if you have chosen a winner topic (p. 13)
– How to set up your site the right way, starting from scratch (p. 15)
– What are the missing puzzles most AdSense publishers forget to adjust in their own web sites (p. 22)
– Where to put your ads, and why (based on successful models of AdSense gurus and real world statistics) (p. 28)
– How to design your ads for maximum profitability (p. 38)
– Sneaky and underground little tactics to increase your CTR tremendously (p. 57)

And much much more…

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