Business Email Marketing – Proven tips, solutions and tools for small business owners

“An easy read, packed full of practical tips and strategies, ideal whether you are just starting an email marketing campaign, or looking for more advanced strategies.” AP

“This book has given me so many suggestions on how I can generate qualified leads really quickly. Plus, all the resources on how to get guest blogging opportunities are also really useful. It’s well worth reading.” JK


Struggling with business email marketing? Low opening rates and just a small percentage of readers clicking through to your website are the frustrations of thousands of business owners sending business to business emails.

We all receive too much email, so how is it possible for brands to break through the huge clutter? Add to this the explosion of social media that has changed the way that people communicate with each other, is there actually any future for email marketing?

Yes, yes yes, there is!

Business email marketing reveals proven tips, solutions and tools on how to make money from email marketing. Email is still an incredibly effective marketing channel, when used correctly. Whether you run a large or small business, it provides a cost effective way to communicate with prospects and customers. Email is not in decline, but it is changing and it’s vital that you move with these changing times. The marketers that are winning are those increasing the relevance of their emails through personalisation and better matching of behavioural data with content. For many companies, email is the most effective sales channel in their business.

The goal of this e-book is to help you improve the effectiveness of your email marketing and show you the secret to exploding the growth of your database fast. Whether you have been using this channel for years, or are just starting out, you will get enormous value from this book, as Jacqueline shows you how to create a targeted email marketing strategy that works for your specific business.

What you will learn
•How to choose the right email service provider.
•How to grow a targeted database, fast.
•How to segment and identify profitable niches in your database.
•How to create an email marketing strategy that delivers results.
•How to write compelling content every time.
•The most important metrics you need to focus on to ensure your effectiveness.
•How to integrate email marketing with social media to maximise effectiveness.

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