Advanced Adwords Tips

I checked everything: blogs, books, interviews, podcasts, videos, forums, etc. I have tried and tested everything under the sun, and measured the results. I am constantly tweaking, constantly improving things. After using the available content; I started testing my own concepts and ideas. I tried on my own campaigns and in other companies campaigns, to great sucesss.

Then I decided to compile a list of everything new that is NOT AVAILABLE around. Things I myself created or found a new way to use, big and small. That’s what I am making available for you.

In this ebook you will learn (among other things):

– Edge: How to get an edge over your competition by using little known Adwords features and lots of lateral thinking.

– New possibilities you didn’t know existed: new ways of doing things, opening a world of possibilities to attract traffic and conversions

– Compensate for a lower budget: if your competitors can outspend you, we will teach you how you can outsmart them,

– REALLY new tricks: if you have read blogs, books and watched videos on the subject, but now needs REAL new tricks; you are in the right place

– What is a Google Slap, and how to avoid it: Google Slaps have driven many business to bankruptcy, and you might doing things that cause it unintentionally. Learn what they are and how to avoid.

– Little known ways to improve your Quality Score: some small changes can make a big difference

– How to increase your Ad space and features: you can do a lot more than just plain text, without having to pay extra or premium.

Sneaky peek:

TIP #01: A feature rarely used in Adwords, how to take advantage of it.
TIP #02: Automatically insert the user’s search terms in your Ad.
TIP #03: Why you should NOT try to blindly optimize for conversion or CTR.
TIP #04: Surf world trends to increase traffic and conversions.
TIP #05: The unknown downsides of non performing items.
TIP #06: Keywords hidden feature.
TIP #07: How to be A LOT more productive in Google AdWords.
TIP #08: Innovative thinking about your Ad testing process.
TIP #09: New ways of calculating your max bidding value.
TIP #10: URLs that convert. Why and how.
TIP #11: Reach your target public in ways you never thought.
TIP #12: How to leverage YOUR COMPETITORS marketing effort for your benefit
TIP #13: Conversions, a different way of thinking about it.
TIP #14: How to start with a highly converting Ad since the beginning.
TIP #15: How Google learns about your keywords and how to make use of it.
TIP #16: Landing pages recommendations.


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