200 Marketing Terms to Know: A Marketing Reference Book for Beginners with Examples (200 Terms 1)

200 marketing terms to know

This book is an easy to read marketing reference book for beginners, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in marketing. It contains explanations of more than 200 marketing terms to know today: 70 traditional, two non-traditional, 63 digital, 53 social media/content and 20 mobile marketing terms. Traditional marketing terms are still important today as they provide the foundation of the marketing discipline and were therefore also included. A marketing term is a word or phrase used in the marketing branch of study.

This book cuts through all the marketing clutter and jargon and concentrates only on those marketing terms that are most relevant in today’s changing world and existing technologies. After reading this book, you will have an overview of the main marketing terms even if you have no prior marketing knowledge. The marketing terms are explained alphabetically in each chapter in a simple manner with brief examples in a small business or entrepreneurial context. It is a self-study book with plenty of additional pointers to resources for more reading and templates to download.

The book is divided into five chapters:
•traditional marketing;
•non-traditional marketing;
•Digital/internet/online marketing;
•social media and content marketing; and
•mobile marketing

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