106 List Building Tips: The Network Marketing List Building Bible

Many top marketing gurus say, “The money is in the list.” So let’s get down
to business – the list building business – and learn top ways to grow your
own list.
It’s basically a two-step process:
1. Begin by getting some information (info) products together so that
you have items to attract people to your lists. Since people are
bombarded with ads both online and off daily, you’ll want to attract
them to you with your own freebies, goodies and special offers. And,
2. Find ways to seek out people who’ll sign up for your lists!
Read on for more than 100 list building tips that include info for both of the
above steps. Note that these do not guarantee income or other gain and are
for educational purposes only.

This e book will give the basics to build your list and grow your wealth

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